Monday, January 30, 2012


Oh yes,
So tonight I really had no place to sleep and was all set to sleep in my car in a perfect parking garage, when I realized it was pay by the hour. Doh. So instead I'm settle into a hostel all comfy with only one roommate that's been sound asleep since 10. Got settle, and went out for a beer. This hostel is right on the beach so it's got lots of nightlife around it conveniently. So to the bar I went for a beer. Now, I am not ideal weight, and not dressed in club clothes by any means, and I was wearing no makeup, but boy did the boys try hard. I ended up finally chatting a bit with one and he was nice. But it was the worst bar pickup experience. So many guys and so many girls that obviously love it and are there just for that reason. Boy the guys were handsy. I didn't appreciate it, but I'm guessing most girls do. I don't know nor attempt to understand these matters.
All that aside. I've been making great sales so the boss says much more work is coming! I hope he's not lying. And I hope he gets me more work down in the OC area. Nit that I don't care for the adventure but sometimes I like the excitement.