Friday, February 3, 2012

To Do Lists

I have to be super organized when I am trying to spread myself across so many different avenues. So I have a memo pad on my phone that I've been adding to over the last two weeks while I've been working everyday and staying away from home. Finally, today I got started.

Yesterday was fabulous! I got the video done to send off to a potential job and hopefully that gets some positive results! Would be awesome to get back out there playing violin for a living again!

I do have some violin gigs coming up though. Not all the ones I was hoping for, but a couple none the less.

Tonight was wonderful because I got to go see Dudamel and the LA Philharmonic perform Mahler Symphony 9. It was a fabulous performance and I'm so lucky I got to go! There are a few positives to living in LA/OC and the LA Philharmonic is one of them! However, I drove up there from Irvine. Last time I do that. It was miserable. I wanted to take the metrolink, but there is not a train that leaves after 10p.m. from the Union Station; THE station! Unbelievable, but true, so I chose to drive there and back since that's cheaper than a hotel room. Well, not next time. I'll plan ahead better next time and if I can't find a free room  I'll get the hotel room and save myself the stress and frustration of driving.

Now that I am staying in Irvine for a little while at least, I'm glad to be able to get back to running every day, hopefully starting some boot camp workouts, and maybe some pilates. Also I can get everything organized so I know what's coming at me at least. I'd like to start dancing around here, so that's on my to do list of things to add into my schedule :) Nothing like getting a sexy body by dancing in addition to the dieting and other exercise routines.

I'm back to starting the Almased diet although with my schedule it seems impossible to do the fasting diet so even though I'd rather do that and then transition backward to a more normal diet I'll have to settle with two meals a day and sometimes just one. But at least I can supplement the other meal with fresh fruit, raw super cookies and snack bites, seaweed, almonds, and vegetarian dolma. All delicious and super healthy yet low calorie. I can't wait to start consistently losing weight!!

There is a neat thing in NY where some hospitals trade medical services to artists of all kinds in trade for whatever the artist does. They don't have that here in LA, but there are so many homeless people that the government has free healthcare in LA and OC. So tomorrow I'm all set to go to the hospital and get interviewed for healthcare. I so need to go see a doctor about my shoulder. It just isn't healing completely or properly. I can play violin fine, but there are a few things that aren't healing on there own or with my stretches. And there are other things that I need looked at too. It's tough when I only get insurance while on the ship and so can't afford to get it while I'm on land because I have no idea how long I'll be here. Hopefully tomorrow will go well and I'll have some health insurance!