Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Productivity and Practice

Wow, I'm so glad I had today. So glad it was mine to fill as I pleased. I got so much done. I'm now ready for bed. Just finished hand sewing the mountain biking shirt back together that the fire men cut off of me after my accident. Don't want to lose that shirt! Actually, it looks funny now, but it's still functional and saves me the money of buying a new one.

Got a load of laundry done, watched a movie (The Quiet Man), wrote more email, got ready for tomorrow, took a much needed shower, filed paperwork, and even practiced violin for an hour.

Yes, this is the first day I've practiced or even held my violin since the accident. I could tell I was very much out of practice and my arm isn't as steady and it will take time to build the endurance back up because I only was able to do two half hour sessions, but it's huge progress! And it's really wonderful to have it back under my chin and feel the music coming from me. I played so much Bach....I can never get enough!

Tomorrow is another demo day so no random updates. Applied for more jobs today. Would love to get some work. Oh, and I almost forgot, I was offered a symphony job in LA (not the phil) for the first week of March. So if I'm still here (which I really hope I'm not) then I have a symphony job! This is a huge deal for me! I'm so excited. Thurs. I will need to spend a lot of the day finishing calling and emailing symphonies. That is a priority, but so was everything else I did today. Honestly, I feel great about today. And that's what's important!