Saturday, January 21, 2012

car problems

Yea! I'm home before midnight. Finally. Almost didn't make it though. After work went to listen to a band with a friend and he picked me up but on the way back his car broke down. Doh. Luckily he's a nice guy and bought me a cab straight away so I didn't have to hang out and go with him to the tow truck and wherever else. Super tired and happy to finally be able to go to bed before 3 a.m. Only two more days of this and then I'll be able to calm down for a little bit. Not completely, but at least a change of pace.

I missed the symphony while at the band tonight. Has made me realize yet again how much I really really want friends that truly appreciate that form of music. Other forms too, but classical definitely.

Had to turn down a job offer in IN. Has anyone out there been keeping up with the weather in Chicago? It's awful, and I can't drive anywhere near it for a job :(   So, back to the job hunt here in OC!

Found out today that I have to get something fixed on my car asap (early next week). And of course, since I'm finally starting to catch up with my bills I now have a huge one I can't disregard. Arg! So, tomorrow and Sunday I'll have to try to call around to places and hopefully Monday I'll be able to take my car into the shop and walk away hundreds of dollars more in debt....

Bedtime! Goodnight everyone. Will be staying at a friends place tomorrow night so I don't have to drive all the way back home and then work the next day in the same town. Works well for me :)