Friday, August 30, 2013

Morning Walks

Recently I've been struggling with a number of things. Things involving work, things involving home, things involving me and things involving others. Lots of things...

One of the ways I've chosen to try and deal with these problems is by taking morning walks...when it's not raining. So maybe half the mornings of any given week I spend wandering around the country side, usually on the asphalt roads but occasionally on the beach or dirt pathways next to fields.

On these walks I can either try to forget all my problems and enjoy the beautiful scenery and weather or I can think through all my problems and try to find solutions.

When I'm simply enjoying the scenery I take pictures along the way. Here are a few of my favorites.

A  horse grazing on the hillside by the ocean.

Fish nets drying on the hillside by the ocean.

Flowers in full bloom along the side of the road.

Flowers framing a hilltop stairway.

The path leads to the sky..

This is where I finally stopped for a rest before heading back one day. Not a bad background eh?

Monday, August 26, 2013


Finally, I got the videos taken (the dolphins weren't always cooperative) and uploaded. However, Blogger isn't being cooperative and will only upload three of the videos. So if you would like to view all the dolphin videos you must visit my youtube page at:

Enjoy the fruits of my long labors when I remembered to:
a. bring my phone with me backstage
b. carry it with me when I am walking
c. not be rushed with a problem
d. film the dolphins are actually playing around


Thursday, August 8, 2013

Hangul + lots of Korean food and fun equals Happiness :)

At least Hangul equals happiness if you live in Korea and want to eat, drink, and just live life. You'll see later in the post that I've been practicing! But first, there are many things I've wanted to share recently and just haven't had the time.

Despite the fact I haven't yet had a day off from performing and the issues that are still to be dealt with regarding the show, I'm having an amazing time and I'm so glad to be here.

To prove it...

Another traditional Korean meal. They are soooo tasty! I love the fish and the rice and the soup and I like almost all the side dishes. I've tried one I absolutely don't like and I'm still not a huge fan of kimchi, but I eat it. 

This is the girl that performs every day in the animal show. During the show she does a workout routine and finds a boyfriend in the crowd because she's so SEXY! It's actually hilarious :-D
There's been tasty meals of super duper hot and spicy chicken with salad and noodles and rice and egg souffles and other things I can't remember. Btw, when I say spicy, I mean I cry crocodile tears and my nose runs and I start panting like an overheated puppy dog. Yet it tastes so good I can't stop putting the chicken bites in my mouth. Torture it is, torture!

The remains of some of the pajeon and the last giant prawn awaits my taste buds. He was so big and good looking I had to take a picture before I pulled him apart to devour!!
This is backstage where I walk every day many times back and forth for the shows. And yes, the dolphins are always there to greet me and click and squeal and swim beside me as I run to and from the stage doors. 

Here we all went out for a big Korean meal. There was fish and pork and pajeon (Korean pancake) and of course all the side dishes and appetizers they serve at traditional restaurants. You definitely never leave without being quite full!

And here they give you plastic gloves to eat chicken wings instead of wet wipes like in America. It's a bit weird trying to eat chicken wings with a glove on one hand and using chopsticks in the other. I made the mistake of putting the glove on my right hand so I had to try and use the chopsticks with my left. I ended up using my soup spoon frequently during that meal....

In addition to the many many many food parties and such, I've managed to squeeze in some Korean studies.

I've found a friend at the aquarium who is willing to teach me in addition to my book studies. Mainly because every time I would try saying a new phrase, he would say, "No, no, we don't say that. We say this", so now I'm taking lessons 5 days a week and studying hard!

I've learned 95% of the Korean hangul alphabet and can sound out nearly every sign I see, although I have no idea what I'm saying! Right now I'm focusing on grammar and trying to understand how Koreans put sentences together and what the structure of the language is. Then I will start adding more vocabulary. I can't wait till I can start saying more than 감사합니다 (thank you) or 안녕하세요 (hello) and start saying sentences. I can say a few, but very few. Once I learn the grammar I can start adding vocabulary by forming sentences or asking one of the few sentences I do know, "그것은 무엇인가?"(What is it?) I can actually write in Korean on my laptop, but I can't remember which key is what character so it's useless till I can get stickers or a silver sharpie to write on the keys.

Life is good. I have new friends, am making more friends, getting lots of exercise, getting lots of mosquito bites..., eating delicious food, learning a new language, playing violin everyday, playing with dolphins between shows, opening my eyes to a whole new world. Hmm, I feel like Jasmine from Aladdin all of a sudden.

I'm working on a video post of the dolphins and also some of the fish in the aquarium, but I don't have lots of time that I spend in front of my computer these days so it wil be a little while yet. 

Right now it's work work work work, then party party party, then work work work work. Somehow I managed to find some semblance of ship life here on land. Amazing :)


disclaimer: It appears that typing in Korean really messes up the html on Blogger. I tried fixing it many times, but it all appears normal in the edit box so I apologize for my ineptness at figuring out the problem.