Friday, January 13, 2012

Biking in LA

Today almost had me in tears by the time supper arrived, but it turned around for the better. Started out expecting to be able to rearrange the storage shed in the back yard and then unload my car, but the landlord ended up leaving for the entire morning which I wasn't expecting. So nothing was accomplished this morning other then applying to a couple more jobs. Finally I got to leave on my bike to go get my phone charger. It was about 15 miles away with a good 2/3rds of that being bike trail. Got all the info from google maps and set off, excited to discover some of the trails around the area. Was planning on taking a different way back in addition. Well, got about a half hour out and discovered the trail was closed. That was after I had to ask multiple people what trail I was even on because there were no signs :(  I took the detour but the signs fizzled out and so I ended up in a big circle not being able to recognize any of the roads I crossed. So back home I came frustrated yet again.

My landlord was kind and offered to drive me out to get the phone charger because he needed to also go to Walmart so I decided that while he got ready I would ride to the local bike shop to pick up a map that might help me out on my next venture. I've gotten lots of maps from many bike stores in quite a few states and NEVER been charged for them. The store wanted to charge me $8, so I said thank you and walked out empty handed. Denied again.

So on the way to Walmart and the phone charger I asked if we could stop at a GNC to pick up my fasting diet stuff for next week. It's on sale so I really wanted to get it now, but of course, to go along with the rest of my day, the store was all out. Damn. This just was not my day.

But as I said earlier, it did end well.  I successfully found my friend with my phone charger!!! My phone died several hours earlier but it's fully charged now :)  Then, it was a successful trip to Walmart for my much needed allergy medicine. And then we stopped at another GNC that was nearby and they had two containers of what I wanted! Yea! So then we came home; I walked the dog, made a light dinner and we watched a funny movie called Daddy Who?

Update on my accident healing: my movement is still limited and I have very little strength yet in my right arm. Getting dressed and undressed is not fun and still the most painful activity of my day. But the surface scar is healing nicely and soon no one will understand why I'm wincing in pain or doing something awkwardly with my left arm. Haven't picked up my violin yet, starting to feel lonely and naked without it. But at least I can ride my bike on the road again! Time, time, time. It's taking so long.

Well, I'm barely getting the post today in before midnight. It's bedtime and tomorrow hopefully the car will get unloaded!