Sunday, January 8, 2012

Steelers vs Broncos

Wow, what a great game!!!  So glad my landlord has tivo. Fabulous game. Don't have a preference who would win so I will offend both teams super fans, but sorry, I just enjoyed a really good football game.

Managed to get my maps after all today. Got a ride to the next nearest metrolink station and they had an office, although they were out of some maps lol, guess I can't always win.

And, went to a lovely restaurant tonight called Newport Landing. Had the Opakapaka (aka Pink Snapper) and boy was it good. Had a lovely mango sauce that was delicious! Also had sauteed mushrooms and mixed veggies. All in all, fabulous meal and highly recommended restaurant.

Now sitting back on my new couch enjoying some really dark chocolate and a glass of red wine mixed with a pill to aid in sleep and pain relief. Tomorrow will come soon, but today was a success after all.