Sunday, January 8, 2012

library card

Yea!!! I love libraries and I'm actually a little addicted to collecting library cards (although I only have about 5). Still, it's not always easy to procure one so it's rewarding when I do. It was a long night of trying to work on my blog with not much success. Today I got up late and am starting my quest toward building my own website. First I must learn HTML a lot better and spend some time doing trial and error like everyone else that learns to write websites successfully.

The library will be a great source for books on the matter to scour and also a slight deviation from the task at hand to gather some classical music cd's for my own entertainment. Maybe a casual reading book as well. I love that the library is within walking distance.

So... off I go. Wish me luck!  And hopefully soon there will be a website link on the side that you'll have to check out!!!