Thursday, January 5, 2012

There's more than one Impossible Mission?

So I continue to work away on the blog with deviations for movies, phone calls, and food. Had a lovely call with my good friend from Nashville who is going on a cruise. It was nice to discuss ideas for the blog and for a website too. I'm back on drugs for the pain in my upper right body. It's supposed to make me sleepy and addicted to it, but it seems to make me super awake and hyper and then all of a sudden it's poof! Dead. 

Enjoyed seeing the new Mission Impossible movie. I haven't seen any of them so now I'll have to go watch the first 3? 4?...not sure how many there are. Anyway, back to the grindstone it was for a little while and now I have all my filing done that's been backing up for the past 5 months! Yea! 

Now it's back to creating a more personal blog that will hopefully make a few cents occasionally as well as find me some random jobs as well.