Saturday, December 7, 2013

Monkey Beach Night Club in Jungmun, Jeju-do

No, I didn't hop a ship to a monkey run island, I hopped a cab to a new club in Jungmun, South Korea. There is a successful one in Seoul so the owners decided to open one on Jeju.

What a crazy club! This club has pretty much everything; buckets of alcohol (given...but in a bucket?), table shuffleboard, darts, pool, foosball, basketball (super small hoop and only for a competition every night...but still), giant jumping rope (two guys stand on large boxes to swing this huge rope), giant water slide (for after you get hot jumping rope...), 4 stripper poles on a rather narrow bar plus one fenced dancing pole a little higher than the bar, Jenga tournaments, and who knows what else I haven't witnessed. This club definitely keeps you busy!

Last weekend the whole group of girls from the show here in Seongsan went on Saturday, the day after it opened. There was a fire dancer show and I played every game there except I decided it was a bad idea to jump rope at the same time I'm drinking alcohol. However, I did win a free bottle of vodka for my stellar basketball free throw skills!

This weekend we all went on Friday and enjoyed another fire show (the fire dancer is quite amazing really), played Jenga, I practiced pole tricks, played pool and darts and shuffleboard and drank copious amounts of liquor. You can imagine when your drink in a bucket; there's at least 6-8 shots or more in each. Whew...don't ask me how many buckets I drank. But I still managed to win another bottle of Whiskey this time with my awesome girl basketball shoots!

Now I have two big bottles of booze and I just need some friends to come over and help me drink them! The other girls won their own fair share of booze so I want some non work friends to come visit! Yes, I'm bribing you with alcohol, AND some homemade cookies :) Tis the season!

Check out the pics, I don't have any pics of me on the pole (everyone else was busy jump roping) but I do have some photo proof of the bruises I acquired as a result...

Panorama of the main area before the club opened. I'm standing by the pool table and darts area.

Amazing fire dancing!!!

Crummy picture of me with my winning shot and winning bottle of tequila!!!

My winnings from playing basketball!!

The WATER SLIDE. It's really a metal slide with a waterfall on it. I went down twice in jeans....which meant I had to dance them dry :)  Crazy club to have a rope wall to an indoor water slide, but it's lots of fun!


We won second place and a bottle of ??? because a certain girl (not me) didn't share :(

Everyone is gathered for some Jenga action.

From pole climbing..
More pole climbing...
This is on my inner thigh from "sitting" on the pole after I climbed it.

A couple tipsy girl jumping rope in dresses...always good for random entertainment.

I'll say I shared this with three other people since there are four straws in the bucket...

A terrible sound quality video I know, but shows a bit of the club. There is some line dancing going on in the main area.