Saturday, January 14, 2012

Football and Fasting

Today was a good day. Needed to be to make up for yesterday. Was sore when I woke up because I slept too flat last night, but after some fresh yerba mate I woke up fine, wrote some emails, called some potential jobs and then had breakfast. The mail came about that time with my first check since August!!! Wasn't very much but it made me excited so I hopped on my bike and went to the bank and also Trader Joes for my landlord. Then the landlord and I reorganized half of the storage shed so that I could stack my bins. It was a productive time and my car is finally unpacked, the last bike stored away, and things are getting more in place. Yea! Finally feels like I have a home, or at least a place of residence for longer than two weeks. hehe.

Now I'm up in Long Beach watching the shutout of the Denver Broncos by the NE Patriots, drinking delectable delicacies, and eating chocolate granola.

Tomorrow is going to be good. I get to see my Uncle, do laundry, and enjoy a nice dinner. Then Monday I start my fasting diet. Wish me luck. It'll be the same thing three times a day for a week. BUT, hopefully I'll lose some weight, some toxins, and boost my metabolism.