Monday, January 9, 2012

BCS National Championship

Wow, so I was all excited to go watch this game. Went to my friend's house in Long Beach; ordered pizza, drank good tasting beverages, and was enjoying a hopefully good game. What a disappointment! The Steelers/Broncos game was far better. Way better! Alas, it was a good time of channel flipping since the game didn't keep our interest very well. The pizza was good though :)

Today was fun as I did get to go to Costco. Bought stuffed grape leaves and ate lunch only to discover that Costco in CA is more expensive than TX :(

Not much else happened today of any importance. Occasionally I do have rather boring days.

Oh wait! I forgot, I got about 6 short sleeve printed blouses for free plus a long sleeve tshirt and a nice looking silvery glittery sweater. Awesome! Gotta love free clothes that fit. Yea!

Ok, that's about it I guess. A bit more tv watching and job surfing and then bedtime. Goodnight.