Friday, January 6, 2012


It's been nearly one week since I went over the handle bars, knocked myself silly for a hour, and scraped and bruised my right side. There have been up and down days. Yesterday was an up; today is a down.

Woke up to major pain just to roll over or sit up. Had hoped to be able to move into a place in Irvine today but that is certainly out of the question. Also had the thought of being able to drive up to the ocean and spend the day relaxing that way, but that is also out of the question. damn.

Sooo, I guess I'm back to sitting on the couch working on my blog and coming to the realization yet again that there is nothing to watch on cable. Can't wait to get back to practicing violin, riding my bike, going for a run, playing beach volleyball, and driving.

But until then I have no excuse to not get the blog looking beautiful, begin working on my website (anybody got free advice?) and continue trying to find a piano trio here in LA that might get me some exciting work!!!

More updates to follow...of course.