Saturday, January 7, 2012

moved in on the new couch

So I've claimed my new couch for the next few days. It will be where I sleep, work, nap, sometimes eat, chill, and that's about all I can do right now. All the rest of my stuff outside my largest tub, my tub of music, and my file crate is all moved in and ready for use. I'm feeling like I should be exhausted, but I have a little more energy than expected although I'm not jumping up for anything exciting. I still need to make the 2.5 mile trek to the metrolink station to get maps and time schedules.

Can't wait till I can get up and out again. Maybe tomorrow I'll walk to the library (which is open on Sunday!!!!) and take a nap there in a chair by their fireplace and read a magazine. Still working on getting a job. The email I had sent out to my one contact here in LA came back negative so I'm back to square one on starting a piano trio group out here that I could potentially get work with. Arg.

I feel a nap and some more cl searching and email writing ahead....