Monday, January 16, 2012


So I had my three meals of Almased today. The best shake I made was the one in which I added cocoa powder. It was really good. I tried adding cinnamon which was nice, and pumpkin pie spice, but the chocolate was the best. I got really hungry this afternoon, but this morning and this evening has been fine. Looking forward to tomorrow.

Handed out another resume today. Hopefully I'll get a call back. Sending more emails tomorrow. Looked up a lot today and found very little. Why can't I just get a contract? That would be so much nicer. I have a friend on one of the cruise ships docking in San Diego and I'd love to break away and go take a free cruise for two weeks, but I need to make enough money in one month to justify no job hunting and some money spending for two weeks and so far that hasn't happened.

Watched Funny Face again this evening. It's such a happy and s'wonderful (lol) movie!!!!  I spent a lot of time looking for dance meetups and events near me today. Then this afternoon after I'd found a couple I'd go to I realized my right arm isn't healed enough to start spinning around and be yanked back and forth. Not that I'm really yanked, but I still have to be treated gently. Grrr. I'll wait another week and see how it feels. It's still really weak but the mobility is almost there.

I managed to get all the clothes I'll be wearing here all put into drawers and the closet and the laundry done so I think I'm moved in officially. It's weird. I don't like the feeling, but I do. I like not living out of bags and backpacks for a little bit; to have my stuff all where I can see it like I would on a cruise ship, but I don't like the fact that I'm not on the move. It's a good place where I'm at, but I hate being tied down. I guess this place is better than many others and after I make some friends I might like it for a little while. But if I get any chance to travel again; see ya later!!!!!

Anyone out there have a job for me? Housing included :) ? Music related, dance related. creative, organizational?