Saturday, January 7, 2012

failed again

Last night I loaded most of my car by myself. This morning I loaded the rest I could with the help of my friend and headed off to my dog walking interview and then on to Irvine. I'm not sitting on the couch in Irvine typing away, wondering what happened to the interview.

Showed up on time, the dog and owner were there but so was another girl, the interviewee before me I assume. So I sat down just inside where I could see her and waited for her to leave but instead of her leaving, they both the same car. Weird. I wasn't aware the girlfriend was also coming to the interview. doh. So now I'm out of yet another possible job that would have been fun.

Gonna spend some time replying to more possible cl ads now. See if I can get any leads today.

Still can hardly move my right shoulder. Driving was painful but possible. Don't wish to do it much again soon. Tried sleeping in a bed instead of a couch last night. That did not work. Can't sleep laying down yet. Hopefully all job interviews will be held end of next week when I will be able to shake hands without cursing. lol