Sunday, January 29, 2012

It's Just Like Dieting

I've worked at Whole Foods now for two weeks straight every day I believe. I'm starting to think I live there. Now I have nothing really against the store except it's rather high prices, but it's certainly not the place where I wish to spend the majority of my time. All that to say I'm super happy to have this job. I'm doing well so my boss is hiring me for a couple more additional days as well as the extra week he hired me for as well. This is splendid, because I have to pay for the car repairs so way.

Speaking of my car, I'm so sad every time I think of having to get rid of mine and purchase another. I love my car so much. Was really hoping to keep it around for another 5-10 years (especially while cruising that's easy).

Speaking of cruising. Found another job and applied for it this evening on board cruise ships. Hopefully I will get a call or email. One can only hope in vain for a response. I've given out my phone number though so if I'm doing a demo and an unknown number calls me I'll have to jump out which will be awkward, but at the same time I'd much rather get this cruise job than keep my demo one any day.

This evening was so lovely. I got to have a couple hours of alone time. These hours are certainly precious these days. I usually have to suffice with them being in my car driving down the highway which on the open road would work fine, but in the city traffic is definitely not conducive to alone time and introspective thoughts. When I work a sales job, drive in city traffic hours a day, and go home to 4 people I simply do not get alone time. Real alone time: the kind where you can't hear the roommate or some one screaming across the wall, but where it's just you and whatever you want to do and think in your completely solace space.

I think as I get older I become more introverted and require much more alone time than when I was a child. I'm still not convinced I was an total extrovert as a child. If you're familiar with Myers-Briggs, I would say that I would fit the modification term of introverted extrovert. That seems the best description of me, but everyone just tells me I was and am an extrovert. Ah well, who am I to quibble over such details.

My shoulder has become stronger, but it's still very painful and hard to stretch is some ways. I try to stretch it every day (while I'm demoing), and do exercises and make sure that I work the strength aspect as well by lifting the product every day and opening and closing doors right handed. But I still feel sharp pain sometimes when I lift things. I've called a company in Orange County twice and left messages in the acquisition of some health care benefits but have not been called back. Must call again Monday.

Everything is is going as my unnormal usual. Hoping to get a cruise job soon. Working hard toward that end. Not seeing any results. It's just like dieting. HAHA. Work hard and get glimpses of what should happen but never getting the full result. The story of our lives! Hoping to fix this problem soon. Weighed myself this morning. Big mistake. I'm so overweight. When I stop demoing and can get back to living at "home", working out, eating normally, etc. hopefully I can shed some pounds. Otherwise, we all know the trend of self image.