Friday, January 20, 2012

Demos and Dudamel

So I went from being bored to death basically looking for work, watching tv, skimming craigslist, and any other random activity I could physically do to getting home past midnight and leaving at 9:30 the next morning with LOTS to do in between. Still trying to look for jobs, answer emails, write new emails, stay in touch on the phone for jobs, while working 8 hrs a day. Did I mention how much I would rather be working on a cruise ship? Got to love cruise ship jobs!!!  Anyway, so the last two days have been insane. Haven't met myself yet. Got home early (before one a.m.) tonight but have to get everything in order for tomorrow. That means, filling out the forms that came in the mail, getting them in the correct envelopes with the correct postage, laying out clothes for all the events I will be at tomorrow, getting in touch with all the people I'm supposed to meet with tomorrow, print out the maps to all the locations, make sure I have my housing squared away for the days I don't want to come all the way home if I have friends closer to the jobs, grabbing food (while trying to do this fasting diet), and remembering to charge all electronics or bring chargers if I don't have time to charge them. I also have to take car of the cat, and clean up after the other housemates; dishwasher, sink, oven, and do the thermostats and curtains and lights and whatnot. I think my mind is going to spin out of control. I got home so late last night and was so drained the night before I simply couldn't keep my eyes open long enough to form a complete sentence. I'm sure it's obvious I'm on crazy loop cycle right now.

Trying to get everything in order. I don't know what to do first to make it the most efficient. What things must be done today or can wait till tomorrow. If they can wait till tomorrow is it something I can take with me and take care of in my half hour lunch break or do I need to do it when I wake up in the morning? Oh, my brain is going to explode!

Good news! I did get my food stamps approval so that's all taken care of and now I can almost eat for free! Yippee!

Honestly I can hardly remember anything from the past few days right now. I know that last night I got to see the violist of the string quartet I'm a part of and that was nice. Tonight I was able to see the LA Phil conducted by Dudamel playing Mahler 1. There were some really obvious (to me) errors/mistakes, but it was a brilliant performance none the less. Tomorrow night I hope to go see a band called Midnight Whiskey perform. Planning on joining them as soon as I am healed enough to play violin again.

I can't wait to start playing again. It's been way too long and I dearly miss it. Next week I will try and see how painful it is and whether or not I can work up my practice hours or if I need more healing.

Right now I'd just be happy with a day off to get all the things done that have majorly piled up here in the last two days. It really is feast or famine for me. 15 more minutes and I have got to get some much needed and desired sleep. A few more things to do first. So wish me luck and I'll be back to write again soon!