Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Jeju-si OBGYN visit

This is not the most exciting nor interesting post, but it's one I feel I should share so that others in my situation have an updated review they can read. That being said, this entry is about my recent trip to the gynecologist in Jeju-si.

I did my research online looking through old blog entries and expat websites and travel articles and found an English speaking OBGYN in Jeju-si that had good reviews. her name is Dr. Young Mi Lee. Actually, she was the only one I could find so good reviews or not I walked into her office yesterday.

Hanna Women's Clinic
1296-12 Nohyeong -Dong

It's located on the northeast side of the large roundabout in Nohyeong-dong. I don't live in Jeju-si so I took a shuttle to the airport and then just walked. It was only about 45 minutes and very easy. I didn't get lost and the street signs are very clear.

She does take lunch from noon or 1 till 2 so be sure not to expect to come during those hours. You don't need an appointment though. Just walk in and wait. The wait was not very long for me. I think it was less the a half hour but I wasn't paying close attention. It was much shorter than waiting in an American doctors office for sure!

Dr. Lee is very nice and speaks great English! She even visits NYC every year she said. I had a previous problem that I was coming to get checked and she looked at all my paperwork very thoroughly and asked me lots of questions and to describe what I had had done in America.

I should also mention that there was not a plethora of paperwork to fill out :) In fact, there was none!

Once she had all the information she wanted I went into the next room, the examination room. It's directly attached to her office. There I changed into a skirt (not scratchy hospital gown) and sat on a quite comfortable chair with knee holds instead of metal stirrups. All in all the setup was much more pleasant than I'm used to. The nurse put a curtain between me and the doctor too so there was some semblance of privacy.

During the examination Dr. Lee took lots of pictures and had a video camera running at the end of a tool so I could watch on a screen what was happening. That was a first for me! It was very helpful though! She explained things and asked me questions to make sure I was watching so I knew what she was doing. She was very pleasant and very helpful and the experience was a breeze.

Without insurance in South Korea I paid $140,000 won for a pap smear, ultrasound, and colposcopy. For me, that was a deal.

They also have birth control at the clinic and I will return in a month to get a new Mirena. The price I was quoted was $300 USD approximately. Without insurance in the States I'd be lucky to get it under $600 and most places are closer to $700 and up so I'm thrilled to say the least.

The office was clean, aesthetically comforting and they had soft classical music playing. It didn't feel rushed but calm and relaxed. I'm happy to have found Dr. Lee and highly recommend her should you be in need of an OBGYN, English speaking or not, in Jeju-si!