Sunday, January 22, 2012


Wow, what an exhausting week. So glad it's over. Glad I had the work but looking forward to getting everything done that's been on the back burner.

Tomorrow I have to get my car worked on or at least get the process started. Definitely not looking forward to that or the bill. Also need to get to all the paper work that's been stacking up and phone calls that have been delayed and emails that have been ignored. Ugh. But good. I can go chill at a Panera Bread of something and enjoy my tasks to some degree perhaps.

Also, since I'm not working next week I can get back to a better diet of Almased. I should be using it for all three meals but I'll be happy with two and a healthy third.

Also now it will be time to back on the music job hunt. I must get back out to sea! I'm drowning on land!