Sunday, January 8, 2012

progress with no progress

I'm not sure whether today has made progress or none at all. Set out to get a library card. Had already got a computer card and was just going to update it to the full fledged library check out card. Took my rental receipt with me and got turned down. Only a drivers license, utility bill (but not rental receipt??), or postmarked mail (Hello, it's a paperless society. The only mail I get is W2s).  So, I now have to waste 0.44 to send myself my rental receipt. Alas, no classical music, no casual reading books, and no website writing books.

So after I failed at that I decided I would venture out on my bike again (yes, the same one I just crashed on a week a day ago), but on a paved trail this time. Rode 2.5 miles to the metrolink station to get some maps and time schedule because trying to read them online is a mind boggling headache. But, the station had no maps for me so I just rode back.

Now I'm tired and my shoulder hurts a bit although I rode most of the trail with no hands or just one hand. Still, I feel nothing was really accomplished today.

Going to have a nice dinner tonight though so that's a plus and I'm watching the Steelers and Broncos game and relaxing now. All will be good. It always is.