Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Panera Bread

I love Panera Bread. I'm writing this sitting at a nice booth after having received a free goodie for using my panera card! Gotta love it! Today has not been the best. Started out with a big hope of landing a one week job in Brazil on a ship. One week is not a lot, but at least it's something. Unfortunately when I awoke I had an email saying the job had already been filled before I even replied. :(

So I had a rather downer of a start to my day. My friend in Long Beach tried to make it better by taking me to the Queen Mary but walking around on a ship, stationary or not, didn't help and made me even more sad. So I visited another friend in Marina del Rey and that was nice but still not helping my mood. Hanging out with a friend from Culver City at the Panera and it's been the calmest and easiest part of today. Must leave soon though. Picking up another friend in Marina del Rey to head toward Koreatown. Hang out for a bit and then it's back to Irvine. With all these friends you'd think I'd make more connections but it all seems a dead end. Still working and not giving up; even after such a day as today.

The show must go on!