Thursday, January 5, 2012

craigslist stranger and a movie

Many people have told me over the last several years that my life should be a sitcom. Well, assuming that cable network isn't going to pick up my life story I'm going to blog about it and hope that you all enjoy the tales, excitement, boredom, and craziness that is my life.

There's no place to start like today (and no, everyday is not exciting), but we'll start here for a lack of anywhere better.

Woke up in Long Beach where I've been staying for a week now. Sleeping on a couch smaller than me so that I can sleep somewhat sitting up. New Years eve I went over the handle bars on my mountain bike and luckily there are no broken bones or internal bleeding, but I have lots of muscle pain and could hardly move my right arm. It's getting better, but I'm still stuck here because I can't do much on my own as of yet.

So, I've had it watching cable tv and surfing craigslist and playing games so I answered an ad to go to a movie and lunch today. Getting picked up in an hour to go see the new Mission Impossible movie. Hope it doesn't matter that I haven't seen any of the others. lol

Meeting strangers is fun and I'm glad to meet someone new today. Miss that since I'm not working right now. Guess I should include that I'm usually performing on cruise ships on violin or cello. Recently haven't been able to secure a contract.

Lustfully wandering further south in California.