Sunday, January 22, 2012


Orgain is the product I'm demoing this week. It's been mostly good. When there's traffic in the store I sell lots of it. It's a good product too and I like the chocolate so that really helps. It's good when you will ingest the product you're trying to sell. I work tomorrow all day and then next Sunday. Hopefully there will be more work for me next month!

I desperately need the work because my poor car is suffering. I'm hoping to take it into the shop Monday afternoon. See what they say and what the damage will be to me. Not looking forward to that.

Today was lovely though, despite the very chilly temperatures. Had two good demos and a lovely dinner with to groups of friends that I love very much. Sleeping on their couch tonight so I don't have to drive all the way home. Gotta love having good friends. Still trying to make more friends. I talk to lots of people and sometimes I chit chat about life in addition to Orgain.

I'm so tired from the lack of sleep this week and also the lack of significant food, what with the whole Almased thing. Looking forward to Monday where at least I won't be on my feet all day. Then Tuesday maybe I'll have a chance to sort some stuff out and calm down again. Yeah, wishful thinking probably. But one can hope can't they?