Monday, February 20, 2012

Fiddling Frog

I'm in the short blue dress on the right!

Awhile ago I applied for a job at the Irvine Improv but I never heard back after my second interview. Though you might like the update. Sad news, but it does give me the freedom to keep pursuing the arts in every way I desire. This weekend; dancing at the Fiddling Frog in South Pasadena!

I've never been to another contra weekend besides Fire Ant Frolic in Austin so I'm excited to go to one in a very different location and with a new band I've not yet danced to! I'm friends with the Fiddling Frog coordinator so it will be lots of fun because I'll be able to make connections and dance my feet into the ground. It's always lots of fun when people that enjoy contra dancing so much that they come together from other states and cities to energetically dance some hot and complicated contras. I can never wipe the huge smile off my face :D  It's hard to do but I'll try to take a couple of pictures of the dance or perhaps steal some from someone else to post here so you can all share my joy. If you've never heard of contra dancing you can youtube it or visit this link to read about it.
I know it's a wiki article, but the one I usually would post I can't find so it may have been taken down.

If you'd like to try contra dancing there is a free dance Sunday night after Fiddling Frog this weekend or if you're not near Los Angeles check out your local contra dance community and they'll always help you get started. Every new city I visit for a little while, I always know that if I can find the contra community people I'll be ok. They're the nicest, most helpful, and genuine people across the board and across the country that I've ever met. I can always count on them if I ever need anything, especially good friends! I suggest you also try a contra dance and experience the breathtaking joy and undeniably fun exercise that will be contra dancing!!