Thursday, February 23, 2012

Button Making

Today was my first experience at making buttons by this hand powered machine. You put the back of the top part in one of the sides and the paper with the name and the plastic protector on top and the back of the button in the other side. Then you press down on the handle onto the name and then flip the bottom around and press down again onto the back of the button, lift up on the handle and viola! you have a button.

What's interesting is when I was in undergrad I actually had a button business. I designed and created my own buttons, promoted them and sold them, but had someone else actually make them.

So now it's flip flopped and I didn't design, nor will I sell. I'm just making them. It's good experience though to see the other side and I'm glad I got to do it although unless I open another very small button business I don't think I'll have much reason to do so again.

My skills are masterful however, so if you'd like to hire me to make buttons, I'm available at an all call basis. Proof of my work: