Thursday, February 23, 2012

Tango Class

Tonight was wonderful. After playing sand volleyball for an hour I went to my first real tango class. I'd already watched some tango classes and have been to a milonga but never had any kind of formal training so I know the basics at best.

Now I can follow to some degree; I'm not the world's best follower nor the worst. A friend went with me to class which made it even better. The class is held twice a month at Impulse Dance Center in Aliso Viejo so it's nearby. Hopefully I'll be able to attend every class if I'm on land. I still detest land but am finding some things to make it more tolerable, like tango! :)

Now someday I wish to be able to dance tango much better and enjoy myself at a milonga. Someday, a tango just might end for me like this. The absolute picture of enticement, sensuality, submission, and passion. Wow. Dancing is so wonderful. When you can't say it, sing it. When you can't sing it, play it. When you can't play it, dance it. And when you're trying to say 'I want only you', dance a tango.