Saturday, February 4, 2012


I missed the one month mark by a couple of days, but I am close. On New Years Eve I flew over my handle bars, knocked myself out, don't remember a thing, still haven't recovered all my mobility or strength yet. But it's improving by brute force on my part and time on the universes part. Thought I would include some pictures for you all to include you in my journey of recovery.
Day of just back from the fire station where I regained consciousness. At this time I was still planning on going dancing in a few hours. I hadn't yet realized I could barely move my arm. The firefighters had cut off part of my shirt and put electrode things on me. Too bad I wasn't conscious so I could have made some cool friends!
This is today after a months worth of recovery. The main area is still pinky and you can see white stripes going down (or up in the picture) my arm. Those scars will always stay I'm sure. But they'll always be accompanied by a fabulous story, with fill in by my friends facts (since I don't remember).