Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Music Room or Bedroom?

So today I finally finished everything on my to do list for the bedroom. Hung the mirror, moved in the too small electric piano, and all that's left really is to add some artwork over the head of the bed. That will get done tomorrow. My cello is missing from the scene sadly. It's stuck in Wichita. If anyone out there is flying or driving to anywhere near LA or even Tucson/Phoenix please let me know and I'll pay for a seat on a plane or pay your some gas out here if you bring my cello. By the looks of the room you'd never guess I'm a musician!
It's a sparse room I realize, but in reality I'm never fully moved in anywhere. Even when I live on a cruise ship for six months half my stuff is stored in my car on land so I don't know what it's like anymore to unpack. I still live out of bags mostly. There's a few things I've stashed in drawers and I dug out my sweater and shoe closet hang organizers so those are in use for the first time in years, but for the most part it's the same as living in my car but I'm sleeping in a bed. I'm comfortable this way though. I like being able to leave at a moments notice and go anywhere. Makes me feel nervous and vulnerable to even unpack as far as I have at this home. Now, I do stretch myself outside my comfort zones periodically so that's what I'm now, but ideally, I'd be living on a cruise ship or out of a suitcase. I understand that makes most people feel unbalanced and unstable but that's what I gravitate toward I suppose. Don't understand it. Don't try to. Just live and live on the edge.