Sunday, June 2, 2013

Terrible Drives

Last night tied for 4th place of the worst ever drives (8 hrs+) I've done.

It poured (wipers on high) for all but the last 45 minutes. Sometimes it was so bad I had to pull over because I couldn't see the road. I was driving overnight for 8 hours. Two days before I had severely strained my lower back doing squat lifts at the local cross fit gym. The pain was so bad the first night I was throwing up so the following day I stayed horizontal with my legs raised and then that night I attempted this drive. Now if I could have laid the seat back like I wanted and just cruised down the road I would have been mostly fine, but with the rain pouring down as heavily as it was, I was forced to sit up as straight as I could.

Sometimes the rain was so brutal that I had to pull over and the rest of the time I had to drive under the speed limit to avoid hydroplaning. All I wanted was to get home and lay down with my feet up to rest my back, but the night was dragging on longer and longer. To make matters just a little worse, my cell phone signal was either non existent or so weak that it couldn't hold a phone call. That is usually how I entertain myself, keep up with my friends, and stay awake while I'm driving on long trips, but not this time! I managed to sneak in one half hour call and am very glad I did, but had been hoping for hours of conversation. Oh well.

The one bright side to this drive was the fact that I was not worried about hitting a deer. Driving two lane and even remote divided highways causes concern for me and I strain to see any movement on the sides of the road to anticipate a potential disaster. With all the rain driving down so hard I knew the deer would either be taking shelter or eating in the deepest parts of the woods. Definitely not trying to cross the roads in the open unless it would be absolutely necessary and I was believing it wasn't. I didn't see a single deer on the drive, which I was happy about! And had it not been raining so hard I'm guessing there would have been a few.

What are you worst long road trip stories? If you would like, I can relate the top stories. Just ask!

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