Saturday, June 29, 2013

Stories, Showers, and Shopping!

There are always new things to learn and experience whenever you are visiting foreign countries. From America to Korea is no exception.

Here are a few stories and pictures of some of the first things I've encountered!


I'm going to wager not one reader has ever showered while sitting on the toilet! If I'm wrong, please let me know!!!

I hadn't either till I got to Korea. This is definitely the most functional shower seat one could imagine :-)

There are endless possibilities of weird ideas for using this shower, but I won't get into those.

I'm just happy to think of this as a throne with special effects and enhancements! No other kingdom has this feature! :-)



I'm sure I'll come across a lot of these, but here are a couple I just saw in the apartment when I moved in.

Stamped on the eggs it says, "16 OMG". Are the eggs 16 years old, oh my god??? Or were they from the famous rooster 16? OMG!


And I liked it when I opened the cabinet door and saw that the corn flakes were taking flight!
Guess they were tired of being couped (pun intended) up in the kitchen cupboard!



Today was my first trip to the local market where I got to buy some fresh greens and fruit and nuts. Made my own trail mix and hoping to get a juicer somewhere this week (I'm told they're available somewhere) for my veggies!!


Cute story: When I asked my boss/driver what one of the greens was he said, "Popeye" and flexed his biceps! It doesn't look like spinach from the US, but hopefully it tastes good and keeps me healthy!