Friday, June 7, 2013

Who's up for a camping trip?

It's been years since I went camping. Way too long! And I miss it.

Recently stumbled across this extremely useful website for camping tricks. Maybe you know some or most of these already, but maybe you're like me and you'll just keep going, wow, I never thought of that!

So anyone up for trying some of these things out? My favorites are the seat hammocks for car camping (I have a hitch on my car so that's TOTALLY useable), the tic tac boxes for spices (I love spices so this would be a handy way to not have to bring your glass containers from home), oh and the pigs 'n a blanket on the stick!!!! oh yeah :), and the floor tiles are so much more fun than the blow up cushion ones I've always used.

So check out the website, see what you'd like to try and hit me up for a camping trip!

I want to watch the sunset in one of these;

Get these seat hammocks for car camping.

While eating one of these;

Before crawling into one of these....

Invest in a two-person sleeping bag.

on a fun cushy floor like this!

Use foam floor tiles for a softer, more comfortable tent floor.

Who's with me??!!