Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The fogginess that is my future

The title might sound somewhat dismal, but it isn't really my mood.

I'm continuing down the road of suitcases, couches, new friends, new faces, and potentially new places.

My recent trip to Seattle was a most welcomed and wonderful trip. Folklife was amazing as usual and the friends I made and the friends I already love made it all worthwhile.

Now it's back to family for a few days and then back in my car down the road again.

I have a week to pack for a month of gigs and gags (don't take that the wrong way now) in Tulsa where my friend and I, who miss each other now, will once again learn to hate each other soon :)

After Tulsa is unknown; perhaps foggy at best. There are glimpses of what my summer could hold, but no definites. That is the way of my life for the most part though so this shouldn't be surprising to anyone regularly reading these posts. Making plans months in advance seems nigh to impossible and usually technically is. I will say this though, it certainly makes life interesting.

One has to be up for anything, take the risks, take the chances, get scared, push on anyway, make the memories, make the friends, learn the stories, learn the lessons, remember the faces, and remember the places for one day I hope to do it all over again.