Saturday, June 15, 2013

Where to next? The beach of course.

This is a question that is so frequently asked to myself that it just sits in the forefront of my brain constantly.

Usually, I can answer a week out, and if I'm lucky two plus, but sometimes I don't even know where I'll be a week away.

This coming week is a case in point. Monday I leave Tulsa for Nashville. This decision was only made three days ago. How long will I be in Nashville you ask? I have no idea. Potentially one week, potentially two weeks.

Where will I go next?

I'm sincerely hoping to a new job in South Korea, but if that fall through cracks I'll be off the the Dallas area for a few days before heading who knows where after that.

Such is my non existent calendar of life. It's nigh impossible to plan a week or more in advance. I feel terrible when people need to know and I just can't say. How can I when I might not even be in the country, let alone a certain state?

I get comments about how this would be so stressful and it's amazing how I can manage with such enthusiasm and vigor, but truth be told, I love it most of the time.

Imagine, there are always open doors to walk through. You may have no idea which one you will choose or which one(s) may close, but there is always a seemingly endless stream of possibilities awaiting you. This to me is exciting, invigorating, delightful, and most importantly desirable.

Yes, once upon a time I went to work 5 days a week, 8 hours a day, parked my car in the same spot, when home to the same bed, looked out the same window to the same view every day, ate at the same restaurants, danced with the same friends.

"Stability" felt like the ultimate prison.

I LOVE MY FRIENDS, and I love visiting them all over the world, reconnecting, reintroducing, remembering. That's what makes it so special all the time to me. I get to not just experience the familiar, but the new. 

It's a true statement when I say I'd rather be homeless on the streets so that I can take any chance that comes along, than to be tied down and unable to change when the opportunity arises. It's all about viewpoint really. For most, the lack of change is what is comfortable. And even if you take a short trip outside the comfort zone, you know you're coming back to it soon so the edge is removed from the scariness that is the change. But what makes people better? What gives people perspective? What inspires people? Change does. It may not feel like it or even seem like it because it happens in masked forms all the time. But change makes so much more of our world possible and when change doesn't happen it is also what hinders and corners us without our realizing.

I'm hoping to take on one of my biggest life changes this month and move to South Korea for a new job. There are many things that I will write about this later if everything goes through and I do indeed move there, but for now I just want to share that this is my dream of change for myself.

SO, after that little rampant....I have no idea where that came from because I actually just wanted to post a picture of something that I'd really really like to have and could really really use since I don't have one at all. What is that something you ask? Why, thank you for asking. It's a one piece swimsuit :)  My last one got ruined and damn if I can't actually afford a new one since technically it's a want and not a need. But summer is fast approaching and I'd really love to go swimming in something other than shorts and a t-shirt.

And, I'm prepared to offer a deal :)  Should any reader be so kind and thoughtful and generous and etc.  I'd be happy to show off the swimsuit in person a) in South Korea on the beaches of the beautiful honeymooners island Jeju should I get the job in the next week   or b) at a predetermined location that I'd be able to afford travel to, which limits it to the Midwest, or a non self funded flight to where ever you are. And if it's beachy, I play a mean smashball, and if it's pooly, I play a mean water volleyball (references available upon request!), and if it's boaty, well, I like pina coladas :)

There are many swimsuits I've drooled over recently with all the summer advertisements running, but here are my top picks.

Click on the links above the pictures to be directed to the website preset for purchase!

This one is on sale half off if purchased before Monday at noon!
Classy, sophisticated, and retro, yet sexy and chic.

This is a coloful, unique and beautiful swimsuit. Love the cut, the color and design!!
Fun, bright, and playful (like me), yet feminine and flattering!
Gottex Folklore Paisley One-Piece Swimsuit

Technically it's a one piece and no, I wouldn't be able to wear this suit everywhere, but I love it anyway!
Visually stunning, head turner for sure. Sassy and sexy and ready to party!
Very Sexy Cut-out One-piece

So there are classic, fun and sexy suits here, of which I pull off all three quite well if I do say so myself.

So take your pick and let's hit the beach, the boat, the bay!!!

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