Thursday, February 28, 2013

The beginnings of NY NY

I've performed the song, famously sung by Sinatra, many many times...New York, New York.

Until today I'd only visited once and didn't see many of the sights or do much touristy. Didn't even stay very long in fact.

This trip is not much different. I'm only here for a few days and I'm not forking over lots of dough to go party and live the high life, but I am getting to visit old and new friends alike, see a few sights, and walk lots and lots and lots :)

I arrived at LGA this afternoon and lugged my suitcase, violin with attached 25lb music bag, and carry on around NY to visit a couple of friend already.

Now snug as a bug, I'm happily content in another wonderful friends home and a very comfy bed and after a nice long chit chat to start catching each other up on our lives.

These next few days should be busy, exhausting, and most importantly, FUN!

Tomorrow is all about more friends, more food, and contra dancing. You thought you wouldn't read about contra dancing in a NY entry, but you were wrong :)  I go contra dancing any time I can and after researching ahead of time I discovered that I would be here for a great dance and that is tomorrow night!!

Then it is a day of sight seeing with more friends, partying with even more friends, catching up with all the friends, and collapsing before joining my next cruise ship on Monday.

Whew, I'm feeling tired just writing it all down. I suppose I should since I've been up for 19 hrs straight and that is on only 5 hrs of sleep the night before. But I'm also excited and eager to go out there, meet people, visit places, try things, and just live life.