Wednesday, February 6, 2013

I am a Dancing Fool!!! Are You???

Over the last weekend I danced and danced and danced some more. And I wish I could keep dancing! That's my brain talking; not my feet :)

Dancing started Thursday evening with a full house and reunions with friends. Then Friday it was off to the races. Catching up with quick words amidst swings and gypsies and then on to the next, trying to dance with all your old friends and make new ones, guzzling water and quick changing shirts during short breaks, was how it all started. Then Saturday hit....full on, with no mercy!

Dancing all morning, dancing all afternoon, a marathon dance, and dancing all evening....did I mention dancing?? :)

Here are a couple photos to show the fun and craziness that is contra!

Wheeeeeee!!!!!!  Girls gotta love a good swing :)

What a sweet moment captured here. I love leading in contra and this swing was a truly lovely time :)

A manic smile, but it betrays how much fun I was having. Helps that I had a stellar swing partner!

So sad that this Dancing Fool Seattle weekend is over. I miss all my friends, new and old, all the swings, left and right, all the meals, hurried or lingered, and most of all, the energy and environment and engaging atmosphere that is the contra dance weekend Dancing Fool.

Thanks to Meg who put it all together and the bands and callers who worked so hard and to all the dancers who nearly destroyed their bodies out there on the dance floor.

Until next Fool!!!!!


  1. Good to see you...
    Until next time, I am dancing on the trails...

  2. Keep dancing away and someday I may get the privilege to join you again!