Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My new Vibram shoes!

For a super duper early birthday present, or just because she's awesome (!), my sister bought me a pair of Vibrams!!!  Now, I've been looking at these shoes forever, but could never afford them so I was super excited to get these :)

I absolutely love love love love wearing them. They feel so great; just unbelievable on my feet.

They are also bright yellow, which I didn't think I'd like very much but I really do. They're eye catching and full of life. I can't believe it took me so long to get a pair. I already want another, in a different color just for fun :)

They look all cool on the bottom. The arch support is nice and comfy and the tread underneath feels amazing. I have always loved walking barefoot since I was a child. Still walk around places like hotels or cruise ships or dormitories or even the city streets of Rio de Janeiro for instance, barefoot. And now finally, I feel like I'm walking around barefoot, but I've got a bit of protection around my feet. 

I need to buy another pair a size larger so when the weather is chilly I can wear toe socks in them. That's my next plan of attack. Until then, it's footless tights that are in order since all I have are footed ones.

Funny story:

Today I was wearing my Vibrams, as usual now, and I walked into a post office in Little Rock AR to mail a letter. There were 4 women behind me in line ranging in age from around 40-80. All of them kept glancing down and staring at my shoes. Finally, the one directly behind me got brave (they had all started whispering together even though they were strangers) and asked me about them. I told them I loved the shoes, and that they are very comfortable and very good for your feet. You can get them wet and it's ok. You can wash them, you can go everywhere in them and your feet will be much happier than in a pair of toe crunchers (as I call them). 

Disclaimer: I do wear toe crunchers, but as a part of my job or for special events, not as a daily option for fashions sake. 

As soon as I proclaimed the joys of the shoes the ladies all immediately started saying they all wanted a pair and how good they would be at their various employments all at the same time. At around this time the next window opened and I walked away to conduct my business. As I turned to go, the first lady readdressed me and asked where I had purchased them. I said that I had received them as a gift, but told them the only store in Little Rock that sells them and that they are also available for purchase all over the internet. That Vibrams are the main brand but that there are others. And yes, all the toes are separate.

It was so funny watching these women gawk at my shoes with big bright eyes of amazement. None of them had ever seen anything so funny looking in their lives it seemed. It was wonderful to brighten their day with something new and hopefully improving to each of their lives. 

So now you know what a vibrant yellow pair of Vibrams will do for you!

If any of you want to buy me my next new pair that I can wear socks with so my toes don't get so cold in the wintery weather just let me know....


  1. Vibrams rock...
    Let's talk about the winter version you mentioned.
    Hope all is well... :-)

  2. I love love love these shoes. Wear them allllll the time. They feel so good on my feet I don't ever need to take them off.

    Email me ( winter varieties. Would love to get your thoughts and opinions!