Thursday, March 7, 2013

Roller Coaster Ride

You are all envisioning a post of my first amazing roller coaster ride no doubt, but that is not the purpose of this entry.

In the last few days I've finally reboarded a cruise ship: the place I feel at home, the place I love to be, and the places I get to see.

I'd forgotten the turbulent roller coaster ride on which I would be riding however. On land, you see, it's just me and all my problems, usually living in a hotel room, brooding silently or via this blog. On a ship it is much different. You are in such close contact with everyone that you can't escape the dominoe effect of them to you and you to them. It's understandable why some employees I've known have spent their entire days (aside from working at night) holed away, curtain closed, earbuds playing. It blocks out everything.

But if you block out everything, yes, you will miss the bottom pit of the roller coaster where you heart sinks and the sun is invisible, but you will also miss the sky where you heart is so high it's out of your body and the sun is bathing you in its warmest glow.

It's been three days since I boarded. Today we reach our first port of call, San Juan Pureto Rico. We don't get there until later in the afternoon so there won't be too much time to go wandering around, but it will be nice to get out and see some of the sights. If only to remind myself of how much I love living on a cruise ship when I return to the pier and catch my first glimpse that makes my heart and face smile. Relief that I made it home, and that home is still waiting for me too! :)

If nothing else, I'm just happy to be where it's nice and warm instead of bitterly cold!

This is actually the ship I'm on btw~

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  1. Glad you're back "home" - hope you'll be able to keep posting while you're at sea. Bill