Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Happy another day, another chance, another opportunity

As many of you know, I'm not one for social norms nor traditions. Most people feel required to follow the rituals and customs society has placed on us, but somehow I've managed to avoid what I would deem as a materialistic hold on our world. It's simple really, I just tell everyone I know not to expect anything holiday related. BUT to expect everything non holiday related.

Simply put, just because society thinks it can pigeonhole me into its materialistic way of life, I REFUSE!

When I see something someone needs, I buy it if I can, and give it no matter the season. If I can do something nice for someone, I do so no matter the holiday. You will have a bigger impact on people and do more good in the world if you don't wait for a holiday to do it. As Nike would say, JUST DO IT!!

This is how I attempt to live my life and how I encourage others to as well. The friends who will remain will be true friends; not those who are friends for a superficial purpose. It may be hard to find out that some of your friends are truly not your friends. Losing "friends" isn't easy. And in a world where the more popular you are the more status you receive, having fewer friends might be a difficult adjustment. But, it will be worth it. Your time will be well spent in the future really enriching the lives of those that truly care about you and your well being.

So there is no happy new year for you, no happy birthday, nor happy any other made up day by any culture past an present. It's just a Happy Today and a Happy Tomorrow. A wish for you to live every day as it were a holiday. And no, holidays don't have to be full of craziness and frivolity. Holidays can be times for laziness and relaxation and rejuvenation. Holidays can be whatever you need them to be. And when you synonymize holiday and everyday, than you'll learn to make the most in whatever way, out of everyday.