Wednesday, January 9, 2013

My New French Press

Yup, I finally broke down and purchased a french press. I don't like spending money on things I don't absolutely need, but I couldn't bear to not drink Choffy and loose leaf tea anymore so I went craigslist surfing and found a fabulous deal.

It's an Alessi french press. If you're familiar with French designs you'll immediately assume I paid a good sum for this. On the contrary however; I merely paid the small sum of $30!!!  And it was brand new, in the box, so I most certainly got an amazing deal :)

Now I've been stocking up on Choffy (if you'd like to purchase some, let me know because you must buy through a personal link on their website), and loose leaf tea. Enjoy every taste and am far healthier now that I can drink more tea and it's easier since I'm not frustrated drinking only water because now I have other tasty options :-)

This is a happy Ronda!

Here's proof!

And a cute picture of my alien looking down his nose at you.

And a side view of my little alien glancing your way!

Ok, I'm done showing off my little alien...but he is so cute isn't he???

Just nod and say uh huh and I'll be blissfully happy; drunk on my Choffy and tea....

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