Thursday, January 17, 2013

Adding to my wish list. I'd better start saving today!

Note, there are two things on this list so don't forget to keep reading after the first item.

Music writing programs have been around forever. As a musician, studying in school I even took classes to learn how to use these overly complicated and extremely time consuming programs.

Now in the 21st centery, those programs are still available and still being updated, but apps for Apple and Android are competeing for attention. I've played around with a number of the apps and spent way too much time with a couple of the older programs. However, there's never been something that really caught my attention, nor made we want to write music on it.

I'm one of those arranger/composers that still writes in the antiquated free hand style. Yes, I have manuscript paper, a pencil, and big eraser. If something has to be put into a program I will, but mostly I just read off of handwritten copies and have had nothing inspire to change. Until now!

Check out this kickstarter company;

When I saw this video, I wanted to buy an ipad. Just for this app. WOW!!!!  Now, I haven't actually used it so maybe it wouldn't work the way I hope, but if it does what it shows on the video I'd give up my manuscript paper and move into a new era. This app has solved a lot of the issues I have from older programs and is directed more toward someone with my music arranging needs.

They haven't reached their goal yet. I really hope they do because I really want this app to make it to market so I can go buy an ipad so I can buy this app so I can arrange music much more efficiently!!!

And the second thing that is now on my wish list!

I've seen this watch before and thought it was awesome, but after seeing the finished project I'm in love. Really, it what we all hoped the ipod 6th generation would be; a nifty little device you could use as a watch and keep on your wrist that would connect to your phone so you didn't have to walk around with the phone in your hand all day or an uncomfortable bluetooth device stuck in one ear. But the ipod touch did not deliver and Apple went back to it's older design for the latest generation.

Don't give up hope though. A fabulous start-up has created the watch even better than could be imagined. It works with Android and Apple OS and has the ability to work on it's own as a miniature device or connected to your bluetooth engaged phone. It will work as a watch or a phone or a calendar. It's awesome! And it's not bulky or unstylish.

Check it out here. Watch the video, read the article, look at the pictures, and DROOL!!!