Sunday, January 6, 2013

Back to the Grind

When most people read that title, the image in mind is probably related to an 8-5 job of some sort.

Not for me!

Surprising I know...

This week I'm not working retail and I'm heading back into the music field.  A concert is coming up end of this month and I need to begin practicing and preparing for it. But I'm now going to be able to start working on my show again!

By the end of this week I hope to reach my goal and have a good update for you about my plans. Having you all hold me accountable will surely increase my productivity level :)

Until then, I'm nose down into the music, working out hardcore on my second month of Insanity (the name is so apropos), and spending time with my big sis.


P.S. In my work toward this show I did a photo shoot to go through some ideas. Here's a couple of the shots. Which is your favorite? What would catch your eye the best and which would make you buy the cd??

btw, none of these photos have been photo shopped. They're just as they were taken.

Please let me know your selection!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4