Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Rocky Seas

Time is flying by!

Tonight the ship is rocking. I love it! It's fun to watch the passengers try so hard just to stay upright and it's fun to engage my abs and but and some serious leg muscles in order to walk fairly normal. This rocking also really puts me into a deep sleep. I missed this on land. Luckily I've never been sea sick, even through 100 foot waves! I enjoy the ride :)

There's a new set of passengers on board. They just arrived today. So far I've met two nice couple that I feel will be good listeners and friends for at least the length of the cruise and hopefully longer. That's one part of cruising I love; meeting new people I'd never have the chance to meet otherwise, and becoming life long friends.

The trio put on our first stage show a couple days ago. As a group we all were the least prepared for this show than any other in our lives. The sound check wasn't enough time, the lighting wasn't correctly done, and we didn't have enough time to thoroughly rehearse the music. Even so, it went surprisingly well, and I'm sure the audience was none the wiser. I'm guessing we'll put on more shows but since we've been through this one we'll be better prepared for the rest.

So far in the cruise I've only been off in Quebec City. I've been so busy with trainings, rehearsals, and research that I haven't had a chance to eat normal meals or sleep 8 hrs a night, let alone go out in port. I'm truly hoping that since much of the training is done that I'll be able to use those extra hours for some sight seeing, sleeping and eating :)

Working for NCL is really awesome. I'm so happy here. Here's to cruising the high seas for several more years to come!

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