Monday, September 10, 2012

Continuing to readjust to ship life.

NCL is all that I've heard. The best line to work for out of 4 cumulative between the trio members. There are some down sides and small things like not being able to bring non sealed food back to the ship. So no more leftover pizza for breakfast the next morning. You also can't buy anything without swiping your card. I'm used to just saying my room number and the person types it into the computer. Nothing needed. You also don't have direct deposit available. That's inconvienent more than anything else. But these things are all petty compared to the fact that we have to play less hours, the company is very flexible with our schedule, we always get dinner, there is very little segregation, and the cruise line lets you do what you do best. It's really quite refreshing.

Today was our first port, Halifax, but we're still in training so the morning was consumed with that and the rest was with finishing paperwork, meetings, and rehearsal. Then it was off to work. I will be getting off sometime in Quebec City in a day though. A couple supplied I need to get.

All in all, I'm having a fabulous time. I really really hope that we get extended or that we get offered another contract.