Saturday, September 1, 2012

Lipault Luggage Desire

So if there is anyone out there that reads my blog and feels generous toward my plight of luggage here's a plea to you.

I've been using a Walmart folding duffle bag for the last 3 years. It's now covered in camo tent tape to hold it together, but I still use it. However, I really need a new one. Not only does the bag have holes I can't tape anymore around the zipper but it's so difficult to pull behind me when walking through the airport since it doesn't have a stiff back nor an extending handle.

I've hunted for a new piece of luggage for a couple years but I need something so specific that I just hadn't found anything that was perfect; until now!

Ever heard of Lipault?

It's a brand that you can buy in the US now, but it's absolutely perfect for me! It's a foldable line of luggage. Now, I'm assuming you all know I live in my car so a non collapsing piece of luggage just isn't an option, but I need something better than what I have now so a cheap replacement isn't a good option. It's amazing my duffle has lasted as long as it has because everyone else I know on ships that bought them all had them destroyed by the airlines between one or 3 flights. I've been lucky, and the tape has helped but I'm ready for something sturdier.

So to help you know more about Lipault, here are a few links for your perusing.

The first link has the line laid out nicely. You can see what options there are. I'm only interested in either the 26" or 28" wheeled upright or the 27" rolling duffle. I'll have to replace my carry on soon, but after my duffle.

And this has nothing to do with my decision making (my current luggage is black), but I love the fact that this luggage comes in fabulous colors!!!!

The second link is a forum site with many comments and reviews on the luggage.

All in all, I believe this luggage would be the perfect fit for me and my lifestyle.

Now just to acquire some....