Thursday, November 29, 2012

Reading while Driving

I hope that title certainly got your attention!  It's not entirely true, but as you might notice from the picture below, it's not entirely untrue either.

Currently in my life of non cruising, I'm performing for the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra and catching a few other smaller gigs around the area. I'm not staying in Little Rock so I drive or fly in from wherever I'm currently at for the gigs and yesterday I had the misfortune of driving from Nashville to Little Rock. I say misfortune not because a drive of that sort of length would be unfortunate for me normally, but this particular trip certainly was.The reason being that there was not only a significant portion of highway blocked due to construction, but there was an accident at the same place. So, after parking on the highway for an hour we were finally routed off to the state highway that runs alongside. Imagine mostly semi trucks driving 30 mph through tiny towns in the dark and stopping for every stop sign and stop light. It took an agonizing amount of time before we were rerouted back to the US highway. I did in fact make it just in time for a fast shower (much needed for everyone's sake) and fast drive to rehearsal.

I was very happy to have an inverter so I could plug in my computer. Also very glad that I have a twistable computer so that I could balance the computer pad on my steering column and turn the screen around to read. It wasn't my planned activity for that time, but hey, that's how I am, adaptable to any given changing situation. A must for an itinerant musician!

If any readers would like to come listen to the Arkansas Symphony, please let me know and I'll get you a free ticket to come hear us play! Next up is the Christmas Pops Concert!

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