Friday, November 23, 2012

Hoh! Land....

Ah Land.  It's a very stressful place for me. Amazing how at ease I feel out at sea and how out of place and awkward, for lack of a better word, I feel on land. Some people would say I'm just used to things being done for me on the ships, but I would gladly trade those things for the peace on land that I have at sea. Yes, it is nice to not have to do my dishes, clean my bathroom, make my bed, dust the house, but these things are insignificant to my mental and emotional and also financial state whenever I return from the mesmerizing ocean. Not to mention I sleep much better when I'm rocked to sleep each night :)

I wish I could write here that I've got leads to new contracts or possibilities on the horizon. Instead, I have nothing but bad news from my agent and a serious lack of time from reading all the music job sites and craigslist everyday in search of potential gigs.

One GREAT idea has arisen within and I'm  gung ho to travel down this road; the road is one that leads to a guest entertainer gig or simply put, I am my own show.  I would not be in groups on ships anymore and would not have the stress of putting one together, keeping one together, and the stress of knowing they are hurting for money because I'm not getting them work. I'm so ready for this. The ideas had been mulling around inside my head for a while, but they all finally juxtaposed themselves into a brilliant scheme (or so I think). Now all I need is to get the research and taping and practicing and demoing and marketing and scheduling done. I do know, this will be entirely impossible without a producer or two so that is on the back of my brain. I can do research and practicing on my own and when that is complete I will then require a producer(s) to proceed any further. So now it's about keeping my fingers crossed that someone out there somewhere that has money, believes in me.

In the meantime, while on land, struggling away at my meager existence, with the help of my friends :)

....Lots of things are being pushed to the forefront of my brain and to sort it all out I thought I'd write it down.

Other major things on the forefront of my mind since I'm on land and continue to be here, are electronic items that are almost necessary to succeed in this society it seems.

Things I need that are replacements for things I already have:
A new computer:
My computer freezes constantly, doesn't have a functioning battery, can't run more than one large program at a time, doesn't have any memory, can't play videos without hitching or can't play them at all, and is just super duper slow :(

An alarm clock:
Alarm clock to replace my cell phone, which is not really an alarm clock. bkiid=SearchResults|CategoryProductList|590877p

Things I need that I don't have already:
An Ipod:
Ipod Touch 32 or 64 GB to use as an mp3 player, portable email around wifi, free phone around wifi, e-reader

Things I want that will be a big help and not just superfluous:
An e-reader

I read books on my laptop. Not sure this truly should be under this category, but I can use my computer as an e-reader even though I don't actually own one.

Otherwise, I really would just like to pay my bills and live peacefully. High hopes, I realize.