Sunday, November 4, 2012

An Autumn Glimpse

Today was spent sightseeing around the island for the most part. The weather was mild and not to chilly and it didn't rain until after we returned home. All in all, the day was marvelous. There were so many beautiful cliffs and isolated beaches and colorful trees and bright green grass and docile deer. It was just amazing. I've included a few pictures from today because I couldn't decide on just one!

 The docile deer in the field. We drove by more than a dozen deer. Some so close I could reach out of the car and almost touch them. Some were laying down in fields and this morning on a nice solo stroll through the woods I happened upon a young buck who eyed me with curiosity and then walked off, evaporating into the misty woods 20 yards in front of me.
 One of the beaches we stopped at to walk around. There were so many but this one had the best vantage point for a good picture. This also happened to be the coldest beach and just on the other side to the right of the picture was the ocean and a giant sea lion swimming around playing in the freezing water.

We stopped for coffee at Roche Harbor and I took ample time to walk down the docks and stare at the boats as well as the growing sea life attached to the undersides of the wood. The smell in the air and the feeling of the moving dock underneath my feet made my body feel so alive. It was like being in a fairy tale where I didn't know the ending but there wasn't an evil villain any where to be found. As I was walking back to the mainland I spotted this lamp post and couldn't stop my imagination from running wild.

 There was a nice sculpture garden near Roche Harbor that had some neat creations and with the brightly colored trees and crisp air and all the time in the world I simply couldn't keep myself away from wandering through and around and under and by these towering pieces of metal. This is one of my favorites entitled Convergence. It seemed the perfect spot to lean back and gaze at the breathtaking clouds flitting quickly across the sky.
 I've never seen a speed limit sign as such until today. I'm making a wild guess and betting I never will see another in my lifetime unless I return to this spot. I'm not sure how to judge the 3/8ths of the mile per hour, nor am I aware if the cop might ticket you for going the 5/8ths over that...

Needless to say it caught me by surprise and I was so glad I had my camera handy so I could remember the sign always and share it with you.

This was the last place we stopped today before heading home for a very late lunch and a relaxing evening in front of the fireplace. The grass was so green and the sky was so blue and the clouds were so white and fluffy and the air was so chill it was just perfect. The sun peaked its way through the clouds for just a few minutes as if to wink at me and say, "I'm here. Don't you worry."

I honestly can't believe how much fun I've had here. And I also really hope that someday I can come back and visit again for a little longer. There is so much more to explore and so much more to do and see. But until that day comes I'm thankful for the time I did have and for the friends who made this time possible.

I'm a lucky girl.

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