Sunday, December 9, 2012

Wouldn't it be nice for Christmas?

So I've decided that I'm ready to move into my third phase of hair removal in my life to date. From the time I was in high school until a couple years after college I did the shaving routine; lather on shaving cream, swipe expensive razors that only last a few days, and get frustrated every day when the stubble is long enough your legs are no longer smooth or every winter when you step out of the shower and it's so cold you get goose bumps and you might as well had not shaved at all. Then I decided this was a severe waste of my time and I only felt I actually had smooth legs for a few hours after shaving so I switched to waxing.

Now I've tried a lot of different waxing salons to various degrees of success and have not hated my time spent there for the most part. After having spent much money and several years following this path I've enjoyed reaping the benefits of the waxing profession; softer hair, lighter hair, and slower growing hair. BUT, there is still lots of hair and my skin is getting much more sensitive with age and even sugaring is now proving too much for my skin to handle on a frequent basis.

It's now time to explore the world that is laser hair removal. It's been around for quite some time giving it plenty of years to perfect and improve it's performance and safety qualifications and I feel comfortable subjecting myself to this method of hair removal at this time.

So that brings me to the link below. Laser hair removal isn't cheap, but if it works (which it usually does completely and I'd be happy with even mostly), then it's much much cheaper than the continued waxing services I've been using and considering time is money, it's also cheaper than the awful habit of shaving.

Subsequently, I've taken it upon myself to locate a deal I could benefit from in this regard. It's 90% off !! which is a crazy deal :)

But of course, I'm just doing good to buy myself food and pay my automatic bills so I'm relying on all my readers to donate to my cause of girly happiness and sexiness.

Just click on this link and you're on your way to making me a very happy girl indeed!!!  A Living Social Deal

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