Saturday, October 13, 2012

Time flies on the high seas

Time truly has been flying by. Yes, much of it has been super fun, but much of it has been work too.

A cruise ago (10 day cruises), our violist injured his wrist and was unable to play for several days. This brought about a panic of music hunting, music printing, music practicing, music researching, music rehearsing, and music performing. It was exhausting to understate my condition. I was so focused and worked so much that I lowered my immune system enough to not quite catch a cold. Now that I'm back to sleeping, eating, and normal playing schedule my body is fighting back slowly, but it's an uphill battle. The reason being...

I've just had outpatient surgery for a very early form of cancer. Now, I'm hoping that they got everything this last NY and that I'll be fine and dandy, but in the interum I'm a bit weak and my body is trying to decide whether to ward off the cold (which it's been mildly successful at for the last few days), or to quickly heal my surgically destroyed body part.  I'm very lucky that they found this early and I've been able to follow the preliminary steps in order for the cancer not to continue or spread (fingers crossed).  Now I just have to be patient for the next year and pray all the test results keep coming back negative and the job results come back positive!

Ah, still do not have another ship contract lined up yet. I've been trying to push for one, but so far there is nothing on the horizon, let alone in my lap. The good news though, is that when I get off this ship I won't be destitute as was the case last time I disembarked. I've got a few land concerts lined up over the following months. No, they won't pay rent or even food, but they will pay the bills that I'm still consistently paying down.

This contract really has been a bright ray of sunshine on my rather cloudy year.  The schedule has been good, the food has been good, the passengers have been good (our ratings have been good), our bosses have been good, no great :), our trio has been wonderful, and I feel pretty!...ok, couldn't help myself :)  The only thing that has sucked this contract is the weather, which has kind of surprised me, because no matter where I am in the world, the sun always shines. Seems Canada doesn't much care for me; or maybe this is it's bright side?.

This is our last cruise :( sob, sniff, sad face   
I'm trying to fit in very little now. Tomorrow and the next day are Quebec City so I'll be heading out into town both days (if it's not pouring rain), and also partying away the night at Largo Jazz Club. Otherwise, though, in order to heal my body and to save money (not looking forward to the out of pocket expenses of the following checkups since I have no insurance) I haven't been drinking at the crew bar, or partying at the nightclub, or buying snacks at the store, or shopping in town. I go to bed early for me (before 2 a.m.), and spend the day writing set lists, getting organized for the trip home, wandering around the ship, staring out the window (or lounging on the balcony if the wind dies down), or practicing. It's the most lackluster ship existance ever I think; for me that is. But I'm ok with it for now. Next ship...